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Job Vacancies at Jabatan Perhutanan Perak

Perak State Forestry Department has obtained a Certificate in accordance with the Forest Management Standard MC & I (Natural Forest) for the period 1 June to 31 May 2016, among others, recognize that forests in the State of Perak have been managed on a sustainable basis in compliance with the requirements of Criteria and Indicators for Forest Management Sustainable Malaysia, MC&I (Natural Forest). 

State of Perak has about 997,504 million hectares or about 50% of the area is still forested land. In this case, given the Perak State Forestry Department roles and responsibilities not only in terms of development and management of forest department but also plays a role in the preservation and monitoring of forest areas to ensure that it will continue to work to maintain environmental stability.

Job Vacancies : Penolong Pemelihara Hutan ( G 27 )

Salary  : RM 1555.00 + 200

Closing date : 30 Januari 2014
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